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September 7, 2018 1:56 am

September 7, 2018 1:56 am

Harriet decides there are some things that need to be changed in her life fortunately the MC Porn Fairy is there to help her Harriet’s Mothers Day Surprise mc ff mf in by Red Raven Added 07 May 2016 Harriet’s newly-married daughter gives her mother a gift Harry Boobday mc mf md gr by Downing Street Added 21 June 1997 Cecilia gets a birthday present that grows. Brian visits a web site that makes customized hypnosis videos—very customized Hypnomail mc mm by TopLegal Added 23 March 2002 Warren goes to a specialist in relaxation techniques to help him with his migranes Hypnophilia mc mf md in by John Smith Added 27 May 2007 Eric takes a very special vacation as part his hypnophilia treatment. Agent Hyperia Hardnox infiltrates a newly ascendant nefarious organization Can she maintain her cover without becoming a pretty plaything for SLEAZO’s prurient perversions? Hazy Delays mc fd by me-chan Added 11 March 2017 A journey’s obstruction gives way to a unexpected reprieve Hazy Memories from my College years mc mf ff fd by WhiteBlur Added 07 October 2007 Updated 11 November 2007 Nick agrees to be hypnotized at his sister’s slumber party. Sey likes to be in charge to know what’s going on in her life in her household That makes it a little tricky to plan a birthday surprise for her Luckily her husb does ‘tricky’ very well Happy Content mc mf md by Agachak Added 17 August 1997 Sharon investigates when she finds out that her missing cousin has become a prostitute Happy Anniversary mc ff mf fd md by MCaesar Added 13 November 2010 Mitch has plans on how to spend a special occasion with his girlfriend She has some plans. The Star City heroines go to Delta City to free their sisters Help Me Rhonda mc ff by Jukebox Added 14 November 2009 Louise needs Rhonda’s help to break the hypnotic spell that’s turning her into a lesbian But is there anything Rhonda can do? Helpful H mc mf md by mesmro Added 01 July 2017 A man overhears that a co-ed is having issues with her mother so he decides to mediate. Elle a été diffusée du 10 novembre au 8 décembre 1990 Miami Vinnie Terranova après une mission à Miami a disparu McPike fait équipe avec un ancien adjoint du procureur Michael Santana pour retrouver sa trace : ils découvrent que Vinnie a été assassiné par la mafia américano-cubaine menée par Armo Guzman Avec l'aide du procureur Hillary Stein ils démantèlent l'organisation. The young hacker Cyntia Romero faces the most adaptable aggressive program she had ever seen Will she be able to overcome it or will the program fire back on her? The Hacker mc mm by The Slaver Added 17 December 2016 Hugh is caught by a special computer program made to ensnare hackers Hacking Her Mind mc mf md by Severed Dreams Added 03 October 2004 A man is hired to break into the government-installed control chip a family’s daughter. Kara is recruited to become a vampire hunter Hunter Doctor Peel mc mm by Hunter c Wolf The Slaver Added 26 October 2013 Dr Peel escapes shortly after being commited for life to an insane asylum The Hunter Chronicles mc mf ff fd by Shain Devroux Added 12 December 2004 A boy finds out that he is a Hunter his Foster Mother who is only twenty is a Slayer. A man uses hypnosis to get various maternal figures in his life to adhere to a strict dress code Hypnotism—A Teacher’s Revenge mc mf ff md by Benny the Jetter Added 01 August 1996 A teacher learns from a friend how to hypnotize his class take advantage the sexy young things in the room The Hypnotist mc mf md fd by Redfriar Added 24 May 1997 What happens when a married couple visit a hypnotist from both the husb’s the wife’s. Louise a young suffragette has been forcibly engaged to the odious chauvinist Mr Leashem Little does Louise suspect that Mr Leashem can make any woman very compliant Will Louise find herself forsaking her deepest ideals? Will she find herself fighting against them? How to Train Your Doggy mc ff fu by Princess Kay Added 02 June 2018 Megan demonstrates on her vlog how to enslave a girl who has been through a body-modification process. A hypnotherapist helps a patient with her sexual problems The Hypno Show (Zulu Warrior) mc mf md by Zulu Warrior Added 22 July 2007 A man watches while is wife is taken advantage by a stage hypnotist Hypno Slave (airman1030) mc mf ff fd by airman1030 Added 08 October 2011 A bored young man becomes a hypnotized brainwashed slave. A vampire hunter meets his match becomes the prey Hunter: Slave Dr Peel mc mm by Hunter c Wolf The Slaver Added 10 August 2013 Coach Hunter wonders why several the other coaches on campus have gone missing. A man uses his mind-control powers for the good humanity Humanity mc ff rb sf by sara castle Added 13 January 2008 The machines have all but won the scattered resistance is being steadily picked apart Siobhan has a desperate plan for which she needs a captured ‘bot But as the imprinting begins the question remains; just who is. Agbagwa takes control a beautiful woman he just met He Was Quite Specific md mf ff md by Nineball Added 21 August 2010 A stranger turns Judy Lia into Roy’s personal slaves He Was Right mc mf ff md by Nineball Added 14 October 2007 A man’s simple statements make Judy a very horny girl indeed. The superheroine Amazonia convinces the cat burglar Panthra to switch sides Hypno High mc mm by webb025 Added 24 October 2010 A transfer student learns about his future at his new school Hypno Highway mc mf ff fd by Zen Archer Added 27 December 1998 Denise uses hypnosis when she tries to talk her way out a speeding ticket. A man uses his gifts to enjoy the Halloween party he is at Halloween Party (sleepingirl) mc ff by sleepingirl Added 31 October 2015 Mira’s best friend wants to go to a Halloween party on campus—with an very different idea for a costume Halloween Screams: An Anthology Sapphic Treats mc ff by Madam Kistulot Added 25 October 2014 Four sapphic tales women losing their minds to other women on this most appropriate holidays. Rachael goes out meets bumps into a couple lesbian hookers Hidden Desires Awakened Powers mc ff by AmasHypnoLips Added 05 July 2003 Updated 09 July 2006 A girl in her final year school discovers she has hidden desires the powers that are slowly awakening within her allow them to be to fulfilled. A subtrope Bathos A genie appears just as Ry’s step-sister starts her hot tub party Hot Wired mc mf md bd by Pellicule Added 08 November 2003 A woman takes a sudden interest in hot submissive sex acts with her husb Hotel Hot Tub mc mf md by Severed Dreams Added 21 April 2001 A businessman spies a beautiful woman at a remote hotel invites himself into the hot tub. An agency discovers that for invaders st technologies can be more effective than hard ones Heavy Petting mc mf md in hm by Fugue Added 10 October 2015 Someone has installed a trigger in the local females so that boob petting makes them compliant suggestible Our hero finds out begins to experiment with that terrible horrible wonderful glorious thing that someone did to all these ladies Heel & Obey mc mf md ft by Hymiez Added 11 August 2001 Robin is compelled to purchase a pair high-heel shoes. Mark’S father explains to him that the two them aren’t normal humans How It All Began mc mf md fd by Jugsgrabber Added 29 July 2000 Updated 12 August 2000 A man reflects on how he came to have his slut-slave How Josephine Stopped Smoking mc mf md by The Mother Invention Added 14 February 1998 An unscrupulous therapist conspires in a plan to discredit. Jenny fully intends to win Game Night Unfortunately she’s working with a hicap a pair new players have decided to step in Hs Knees mc mf md fd by Jukebox Added 21 April 2018 After reading all Zane’s patriarchy porn Tasha has a very different perspective on sex domination. The newly indoctrinated slaves return home from university on break Honey the Electrician mc mf by Unknown-013 Added 03 November 1996 Honey hears a voice in her mind behaves accordingly including skipping wearing her panties to work ( hiking up her skirt for a friendly visitor) Honey Chile mc ff by Libertine Added 04 May 2008 Deep in the woods Angel discovers a strange wonderful new. Zatana has some unusual requirements when she hires a magican’s assistant Hypnotic Juxtapositioning mc mf ff md fd by ghytrenas Added 02 April 2006 Tamara wakes up from a trance with a naked girl on her couch a strange man at her doorstep Hypnotic Lap Dance mc ff by Jypsy Jones Added 04 September 2005 A young girl learns all about life in the. Four hikers encounter a pack wolves Here’s the Deal mc ff bd by Flibinite Added 11 June 2011 Marion finds out exactly why it’s been so difficult for her real estate agency to sell the Patterson property Heritage Tour mc mf md fd ft by Hypnur Added 13 February 2016 A couple’s overseas trip to learn about their history will alter their future forever. Even after she was freed from her Masters Deborah has been hiding in plain sight in a world predatory mind controllers She meets a kindred spirit who cares deeply— understs all to well—what her slave-memories have done to her Haven’s End mc ff by Cerebralgreen Added 08 May 2004 Two powerful dommes battle it out for power over their slaves Haven’t Got The Legs For It mc mf md gr by Whyte Colleen Added 07 July 2001 A group women start to wear much more revealing clothes. Vinnie décide malgré l'avis de McPike et de Beckstead le supérieur de McPike d'infiltrer une organisation raciste menée par Knox Pooley lorsque son frère Pete est tué par l'un d'entre eux Pooley est aidé par Calvin Hollis : autant Pooley est complètement hypocrite autant Calvin est fanatique Hollis sera arrêté pour meurtre mais Pooley s'en tirera et partira en Floride vendre des propriétés aux retraités juifs Dans le même temps sa mère sort avec Don Aiuppo un mafieux local qu'elle a aimé dans sa jeunesse avant de le rejeter lorsqu'il s'est engagé dans le crime Les supérieurs de Vinnie remettent alors en cause sa loyauté Carlotta finira par épouser Don Aiuppo avec la bénédiction de Vinnie.

Mais Vinnie a été blessé gravement durant ses dernières missions et est désormais dépendant de ses calmants ; il est alors envoyé en maison de repos Malheureusement un des anciens employés de l'OCB dépressif et vindicatif est également enfermé avec lui et s'arrange pour que le séjour de Vinnie se passe dans les pires conditions. An alien substanced turns men women into pantyhosed zombies The Hosieria Spa Resort mc mf ff fd md ft by Hoselover98 Added 06 January 2001 A secret agent infiltrates a secret spa that caters to fetishists Hostile Take-Over (Gettoman) mc ft by Gettoman Added 07 May 2016 A wife receives a free sample pantyhose gets hooked. Jane tries to take over the mind a CEO unaware how powerful he is Her Sacred Oath mc mf md by Slider Added 25 January 2014 Updated 17 June 2017 Courtney John use hypnosis to improve their relationship Her Story mc mf md by XtremeCSSA Added 11 June 2006 A young woman meets a man at a nightclub who ruins her for the rest. Our hero speaks to people controlling them instantly with the sound his voice The beautiful Mice Anges fall under his sway he has a few good days calling a tune for them to dance to The piper however comes to collect what is due Holding Darkness Within mc ff mf fd by Sollipsist Added 28 November 2004 Updated 12 December 2004 A group co-eds rent out a spooky. Against her better judgement a courier accepts a mission that will take her to a remote Chilean observatory Then everything goes to as her options run out she must choose between submission or death Because sometimes death is the only option that makes sense Homework mc ff by Lisa Teez Added 04 July 2009 Jenny thinks Mallory is too repressed gives her something to drink that will help her to relax open up Homework (Wrestlr) mc mm by Wrestlr Added 20 May 2012 Jase helps a couple friends with their problems. A sex clinic is a cover for an elaborate slavery conspiracy Hypno Sluts mc ff by Graphic Paul Added 26 August 2000 When a fax machine keeps calling on their phone Trish Tammy decide to let the computer answer the phone so that they can read the fax Hypno T.V mc mf md bd by Mesmerr Added 16 August 2003 Evie agrees to let herself be hypnotized just like she saw. When Cindy’s changed behavior leads to a violent confrontation between her her football-jock boyfriend Biff Marvin takes action But things don’t work out quite the way the young hypnotist intended Hyp Hyp Hooray! mc mf md by A Sinister Bent Added 05 July 2003 A beautiful but snobbish cheerleader is hypnotically programmed for extracurricular activities. Sascha is recruited to demonstrate his hypnosis skills at a party Hypno-town mc mf fd by Neo Whyachi Added 21 July 2002 Updated 07 June 2003 Jeff visits a town where all the single men are repeatedly hypnotized by the women Hypno-Ween mc mf ff md by Dingus Guy Added 31 October 2015 Logan creates an Halloween-themed interactive game that lets him remotely hypnotize the players. Alice visits Dr Faschen to treat the imbalance magnetic fluids in her womb Hímringyó mc mm in by Baralai Added 15 August 2015 Updated 02 December 2017 A group friends play a board game that grants wishes. Steve’S domineering new boss sets him up on a date with a friend who will transform his life forever Headmaster mc mf md by tamsynblackrose Added 05 February 2012 The headmaster sees a student about her smoking Headphones mc fd by Yes MyGoddess Added 28 November 2015 A woman encourages her friend to listen to a special recording. Maggie has a visitor who she cannot say no to The Hot Cold War mc mf fd by Hard Determinist Added 16 June 2012 Howard Kirk wanted to enjoy his young wife alongside whatever other scraps he could devour in an open relationship He didn’t expect her to be controlled into becoming a cuckquean to start finding sexual partners for him Hot Flash Collection mc by Ms_Myrrh Added 05 March 2005 A collection short mind-control snippets. Mistress Roce makes use technology to recruit more new slaves Harmonic Conversion II — House O’ Wrist mc ff by Sara H Added 30 December 2000 Updated 15 December 2012 A burglar breaks into the home Mistress Roce Harnessing a Fembot Army mc mf md rb by Robotunit8 Added 26 October 2003 Updated 16 November 2003 The insomnia treatment centre that Lucy Stephanie visit is not all that. Puis Vinnie à peine remis de cette "cure" est mis à la tête d'une maison de musique Dead Dog Records avec le soutien logistique de Bobby Travis Cette maison créée par le Bureau pour une affaire de drogue est remise à l'OCB l'enquête terminée Chargé de mesurer le degré de corruption de cette branche de l'industrie il décide de relancer la carrière de Diana Price puis de vendre la compagnie à Radiance Recordings un label possédé par les époux Twine Ceux-ci font partie de ses cibles tout comme Walter Newquay dirigeant d'une major qui finit par couler Isaac Twine Celui-ci accepte d'aider Terranova pour se venger de Newquay mais ce dernier est relaxé Twine décède de maladie et Newquay fait une dépression nerveuse sur sa tombe L'enquête est abonnée.

A teasing Fairy Queen a very sweet witch set seductive traps for two brash young adventurers Honeypot: Interning mc ff hm sf by Madam Kistulot Added 17 March 2018 A young woman pursues an exciting internship with a corporation that has taken an interest in her development Honeypot: Rebring mc ff sf hm by Madam Kistulot Added 24 March 2018 At the end her internship a young woman is fered a chance to give back to the corporation that’s given her. A jock dorm acquires some voluntary sex slaves to be trained for use during “dry” periods How to Win a Soul mc ff by Ember Black Added 23 April 2016 Updated 28 May 2016 Two ancient beings make a bet How to Win Friends Get Influenced by People mc mf md by Lisa Teez Added 05 March 2011 A woman’s self-help DVD is not exactly what she expected. Malinda visits a hypnotherapist to help with her childhood trauma Hypno-apocalypse mc mf fd by December Maverick Added 29 June 2008 In the year 2032 the President the United States falls under the spell his beautiful young security advisor Hypno-Bride mc mf md by Mesmerr Added 03 February 2008 A ‘Dear John’ letter to the unexpected from the unexpected. A Victorian supernatural werewolf murder mystery Hunk My Dreams mc mm by sb_jb_mc Added 15 June 2013 A skinny guy wants a hunky boyfriend The Hunt mc mf fd by crystaliss42 Added 31 October 2004 Heath finally works up the nerve to ask Gwen out for cfee unaware that she is a vampire. Abby notices that all her female classmates have all changed since they caught the H0N1 virus The Hornometer mc md mf by Mudak Added 20 August 2005 Updated 04 January 2009 For her birthday Jason gives his girlfriend a piece jewelry that controls her arousal level A Horny Dilemma mc mf ff bd by Marcus Added 11 March 2007 A virtual reality experiment leaves its subject with no alternative but one choice. Alice agrees to help Jerry in his search for servants for his elegant mansion Human to Canine mc mm by MCDogFun Added 09 February 2002 Updated 17 February 2002 After showing his pressor to much enthusiasm in his class Chad’s life will be that a dog Human Trafficking Through Deportation mc ff by Penny Propol Added 09 April 2017 Veronica her attorney fall victim to a human trafficking ring working with corrupt immigration ficials. A man decides to try to find out if it is possible to hypnotize someone without their knowing it Hypnotic Sessions mf mc bd by Mountain Man Added 13 December 1998 The Mountain Man records his living out his fantasy hypnotizing a beautiful woman with Leslie Melissa minx Hypnotic Shine mc mm by MTL Bear Added 12 March 2000 A fireman orders a product through a catalog that allows him to hypnotize everyone in the firehouse. Joel learns how to stop time control his neighbor her daughter Holy Smoke mc mf ff by Rasta Girl Witchman Added 21 April 2001 Updated 06 May 2001 Tania travels to a Rasta commune in search a friend Home by Nine mc mf md by mightysopor Added 19 January 2013 After a stressful day Harriet just wants to relax forget about her troubles so she visits her local massage parlour The masseur knows exactly just what his favourite customer needs to unwind. A counselor has an interview with the “victim” a malfuncitoning sex doll Hypnotic Dreams mc ff by Sleeping Beauty Added 21 September 2003 A women succumbs to a hypnotic voice she hears Hypnotic Duel mc mf ff fd by Sammynona Added 22 October 2016 Peter Alexra discover that they’re both after the same girl But when they each possess mind control powers only one person will be able to come out on top in this love triangle. The present that a man brings home from Algiers for his girlfriend comes with a special surprise Harlot Fever mc mf ff md in by Jafar Added 03 November 2001 Updated 19 January 2002 A rabies mutation has an affinity for different neural tissues Can we stop this disease before it spreads to every human on the planet? do we really. Tvtropes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License Permissions beyond the scope this license may be available from thestaff@ Privacy Policy Dresden: You just used "obviate" "ain't" in the same sentence Carmichael: I got me one o' them word-a-day calendars — The Dresden Files. Beth really didn’t want to go to the Renaissance Faire By the time the day is done she really doesn’t want to leave thanks in part to a special drink that her boyfriend bought for her Her Mother TOO mc mf md by HM Sy Added 02 December 2012 Rick uses drugs to enslave his girlfriend’s mother Her New Subordinate mc ff hm ft by Mana Ray Added 19 July 2014 Updated 15 November 2014 A spoiled woman enslaves her rival’s daughter using a pair enchanted shoes. A blackout a visitor help Shiri get in the mood for Halloween Hypno Script for Women mc mf md by b4uweremine Added 19 June 2011 Some actual induction scripts used by the author Hypno Sex mc mf md in by JAX Added 25 November 2000 A young man hypnotizes his sister. The succubus Lilibat formerly the mortal Dr Susan Jones is unleashed on Earth again A Helmet Bells mc bd ds by Mr Scade Added 18 November 2012 He wakes once more to the sound bells The sound bells control him tell him what to do even if he doesn’t know what the bells say He obeys because that is his training that is his life But why is he training? What is the training? how did he got here? Help mc mf fd by Graham Added 13 December 1998 A student makes the mistake insulting three goth girls who happen to be witches. Doug is mired in depression over his failed Can Holly pull him out it? Holiday Punishment for Deputy DeMrel two Jocks mc mm bd by The Slaver Added 16 December 2017 Deputy DeMrel walks in on the mall Santa having his way with two jocks in the bathroom Holiday Treats mc mf md by URN My Power Added 22 December 2001 Updated 06 January 2008 Several short Christmas-themed vignettes. Elle a été diffusée du 26 octobre 1988 au. Eli Sternberg un industriel de la confection new-yorkais qui a besoin d'argent décide d'emprunter deux millions de dollars à un tru nommé Pinzolo Mais David Sternberg son fils alerte les autorités fédérales : Vinnie est alors chargé de l'affaire et se fait embaucher par Pinzolo jusqu'à ce qu'il s'effondre blessé par un usurier à la petite semaine McPike fait alors appel à un ancien membre de l'OCB John Henry Raglin Celui-ci remplace Terranova auprès de Pinzolo et découvre que celui-ci est en train de mettre la main sur les entreprises des Sternberg grâce à Carole Goldman la nièce d'Eli. A collection excerpts from the thous-year diary a man destined to become the progenitor a new human race Humbled mc ff bd hm by Madam Kistulot Added 02 May 2015 Brooke is over worked under appreciated Grace’s behavior isn’t helping She still has her pride but for how long? Humiliating Barbie mc be by Chrissy Cravesit Added 20 May 2007 Barbie’s rival has a change in attitude after she starts dating a man rumored to be a warlock. A DHS agent investigates a small nightclub Hypnotic Cab Ride 3: Seducing the Law mc ff by Witchman Added 29 April 2001 Two female police ficers investigate a suspicious taxi cab The Hypnotic Cab Ride 4: Deeper Deeper mc ff by Witchman Added 21 September 2002 Ever since policewoman Gail her partner Lydia had paid a visit to the mysterious owners Sublime Cab Rides she finds herself consumed with thoughts dreams lust desire. Lisa picks up a streetwalker hypnotizes her to become a doll Hope Desired mc mf ff md by blankpage Added 12 August 2000 Updated 14 November 2004 A man with special powers wants Esperanza not just as another mere addition to his collection Hornet’s Nest mc ff rb ft sf by fembotheather Added 25 July 2009 Updated 29 August 2009 The Corps attempts to rescue women who have been captured enslaved by. Après avoir purgé 18 mois au pénitencier pour protéger sa couverture l'agent fédéral Vinnie Terranova est déchiré entre le désir d'avouer à sa mère qu'il n'est pas un vulgaire voyou et sa mission d'infiltration du milieu du gr bitisme L'assassinat de son mentor par Dave Steelgrave parrain d'Atlantic City met un terme à son dilemme Il réussit à convaincre l'OCB (Organized Crime Bureau branche du FBI) de lui laisser cette affaire et reçoit comme objectif de capter la confiance de Sonny Steelgrave le frère de Dave L'assassinat de Dave par un gang rival projette Sonny au rang de parrain et Vinnie en tant que second de Sonny Cette place lui coûte le rejet définitif de sa famille ; seul son frère le père Pete puis sa mère finiront par être au courant de ce double jeu. A lonely man introduces his submissive babysitter to sex then begins to wonder if she has any limits Hypnotwist mc mf ff fd md ma ft bd ds ex hm hu by ScottB Added 23 January 2016 After a man walks in on his wife getting hypnotized he must use an incredibly convoluted plan to escape. An assistant coach attempts to take control a women’s basketball team Having a Tennis “Ball” mc mf ff md by Rinky Dink Added 16 March 2002 Updated 05 July 2003 Buxom blonde tennis pros Jenny Tatiana find tournament volunteer Stevie has a surprise for them that changes their life Having a Tennis “Ball”: Agent Destruction mc mf ff md by Rinky Dink Added 28 August 2005 A rival agent tries to lure Tatiana Jenny from their Master. Kevin gives his Mom a special present for Mother’s Day Happy Mother’s Day (Halcyon) mc mf md by Halcyon Added 18 May 2013 A young woman receives a Mother’s Day present from the father her son’s friend The Happy Place mc mm by Walter Ego Added 19 September 1998 Carl visits a gay bar to try to learn if he is really gay He meets a nice stranger who explains things. Hannah’S brother is unable to achieve orgasm can Hannah help him? Helping a New Family mc ff mf fd md gr by LonelyJedi Added 12 November 2011 A nurse helps a pair new parents in the hospital Helping Erin Out mc ff by TexTrance Added 05 February 2005 Erin the cfee barista is uncomfortable with her own lesbian tendencies so Pat the HypnoDomme helps. A son comes home with a special camera to show his mother Hi My Name Is Jim mc mf md by amaranth Added 07 July 2012 Updated 18 August 2012 A man helps Misty lose weight through intense hypnotic submission training Her friends Susan Sara join in the fun Hi Sister Marilyn mc mf md by Some Other Guy Added 12 December 2009 Updated 03 January 2010 A boy shows up at a sexual maturity health talk with a very special camera. A woman walks into a lesbian sex toy boutique has a revealing conversation with the owner Hot to the Touch mc ff mf gr la by Limerick Added 07 September 2013 Sammy attempts to innoculate herself against the flu that’s been going around Hot Tub mc mf fd by soccerfan1965 Added 29 October 2011 A man is enslaved by hypnotist while in a. Will is fated to save a woman with special powers from an evil mind-controller’s harem Head Coach’s Tail mc mm by Wrestlr Added 09 January 2016 Football season has ended but ass-hunting season has just begun Another tale hypnosis athletics butt-fucking Head Games mc mf fd by Jukebox Added 05 August 2017 Madison invites Ian over to try out a new board game but Ian may be the one getting played. Have you ever wondered about the origin the saying “to be twisted around her little finger”? Have you ever felt deeply enchanted by magical gestures und motions weaving spells into your soul? Can a single finger control you body mind? Once again Nova will share some her teachings with you The Hs That Grope The Hs That Catch mc mf md by scifiscribbler Added 08 April 2000 While visiting an ancient Roman temple a student becomes the master a group women at a youth hostel. Chance is a wonderful host in a house filled with weird things unknown consequences But a guest never leaves unhappy House Hunting mc mf md by Anynom Added 10 January 1999 A hypnotist has fun with a real-estate agent in an empty house The House in the Woods mc ff mf fd by Witchman Added 08 September 2002 Stred at the side the road with two flat tires Tara Colin go to the home a witch seeking help. Tony receives a special trinket while vacationing in India Hex Files 2: Ripped Lee’s Believe it or Not mc mm by ONIX Added 24 September 2005 A blonde fratboy is transformed into a himbo Hex-files #1: Broan Ova Brayns mc mm by ONIX Added 15 March 2003 Updated 30 March 2003 A bartender who delves into black magic plots revenge against a couple jerks who came into. In the fallout from a social media protest gone horribly wrong a husb grapples with his wife’s transformation The Hat Shop mc ma by MysteriousM Added 10 August 2013 Shannon visits a special hat shop A Haunting in Missouri mc mf md bd hm in by Mike S Added 08 May 2010 Updated 22 May 2010 A man his daughter buy a pre-civil war era mansion Who’s the other occupant? Joe has a plan for making money after he is laid f from work The Hypnohelper mc mf md by Hypnur Added 09 August 2014 A husb meets up with an online friend to help him with his Hypnohottie Episode I Birth the Wolf Women mc ff by Nico Added 08 June 2002 Two college students meet Nico who shows them what’s possible with hypnosis. A man watches as Tracy shows f her hypnosis skills to him Hypnotized Ex Girlfriend mc mf md by johndoe7881 Added 27 April 2013 Daphne wants to stay friends with Marc after they broke up Marc seems to misinterpret the gesture Hypnotized Heather mc mf by Hypnur Added 18 July 2015 A husb wife’s sex life is turned upside down by a stage hypnotist. En France la série a été diffusée à partir du 4 avril 1988 sur TF1 Elle reste inédite dans les autres pays francophones

Bronwyn’S car breaks down she winds up in a strange house The House Retreat mc ff by Azure Sky Added 03 April 2005 Tannia describes what life is like in a shelter for girls House Sin: Taking Possession mc mf gr by Edward Fuggles Added 17 March 2018 Kayla inherits an old house from her Great Aunt is possessed by a ghost living there. Lydia was a witch a collector energy; it kept her young Halloween was her favorite time year as innocent party goers presented incredible collection opportunities If she was lucky she would find a virgin maybe even two Before the night was over the party became one to remember when Lydia departed she looked years younger Unfortunately most the other guests did not feel the same way High On You mc ma sf by Jukebox Added 12 January 2002 Joyce is kidnapped by telepathic aliens with an interest in her sexual pleasure. A woman who works for a pantyhose fetish web site gets a call from an admirer HypHoseTized III mc mf md ft by Superman2280 Added 30 May 2004 A man tries to get his wife to indulge in his secret fetish Hypknotic Robotic mc mf md by Hypknot Eyes Added 05 January 2002 A hypnotic induction session. Women attend the Montana Female Academy Hypnotist Training Ceritification Hypnotist at the Bijou mc mf md by Hypy Added 01 March 2014 Updated 28 March 2015 Cherie returns to her home town for the holidays Little did she realize there would be a hypnotist in her future! The Hypnotist Musician mc mf md by Lefty Added 06 June 1999 Updated 02 January 2000 A man is able to hypnotize a woman in a bar without her being. A man feels compelled to go see a hypnotist show Hypnotist’s Assistant mc mf ff md fd in by Hypno S Added 11 May 2002 Nina finds herself leaving college after interviewing a stage hypnotist for the school newspaper Pretty soon she’s set out to do her own stage show find her own assistant Hypnotist’s Holiday mc mf md by mala Added 10 June 1997 A stage hypnotist invites a couple women up to his. Md-Themed anthology by some the EMCSA’s most prominent authors HoT—Hypnosis or Tickling mc ff by Jypsy Jones Added 29 June 2008 At a holiday camp one senior girl looks to enjoy her twin fetishes with another House Call mc mf md in by The Sympathetic Devil Added 05 April 2014 Nurse Dahlia complies with her sister’s request to come see her 18-year old nephew in her pressional capacity. The son a businessman is targeted as part a corporate takeover scheme Hosting Suburbia mc mf md by Whyte Colleen Added 28 September 2002 Female guests at the Gallaghers’ housewarming party suddenly have the urge to go visit Mr Gallagher in his bedroom Hot Blooded mc mf md ma by Jukebox Added 20 March 2010 Jack Diane are about to host a foursome with Kiki her new girlfriend but one Diane’s triggers is broken Or. A recollection sexual adventures that are the hallmark the prestigious Hypnos University HypnoSchool mc mf ff fd by Jones Perry Added 16 March 1998 Updated 19 November 2016 Miss Lang is a teacher who hypnotizes high school boys using her feminine wiles special hypnotic jewelry Hypnoscript For Women—Sleep Script mc by b4uweremine Added 26 October 2013 A hyponosis script to help. Ellen tries not to become addicted to pantyhose the way her friend Sally is Hose for the Holidays mc mf ft in by jman_bigdaddy Added 02 December 2017 Morgan returns home from college to find that her town has been infested with mind-controlling nylons Hose For The Holidays: Back to School mc ff ft by jman_bigdaddy Added 17 March 2018 Morgan seems confused about her new roommates dressing habits. Julie doesn’t believe that Alan can hypnotize her Hypnosis Game mc mf ff md ma by sti Added 15 July 2017 Kaylee wonders why her friend Suma has changed since meeting Caden Hypnosis Homework mf mc by Hypnan Added 14 August 1996 Our hero is taking a mail-order course on hypnosis needs to find three willing subjects to hone his skills upon Denise the copy girl is a perfect first subject. Noah discovers his father’s records containing detailed information abouth is former hypnotic subjects The Hypnotist’s Stage Show mc mf md hm by Lady Mango Added 03 September 2016 Jessica goes to a hypnosis show with a creepy coworker A Hypnotist’s Tale mc mf md by Hypnant Added 13 July 2002 A hypnotist recounts his life’s experiences. Brian is assaulted by four men with a special computer Hijacked Used mc mf md by Penny Propol Added 14 April 2018 Tabitha’s mind body are hijacked used by Mark She is made to help him capture more women Hijacking Peggy mc ff by Penny Propol Added 22 October 2016 Updated 09 April 2017 Peggy is captured at a convention at a resort location Without her knowledge or consent she is transformed into a mind controlled mule for a smuggling operation. Debbie is taken to the next level submission The Hypnotic Cab Ride—Deeper Still mc mf ff md fd by Witchman Added 30 March 2003 Debbie falls deeper into Miro Mara’s thrall The Hypnotic Cab Ride—Descent Into Pleasure mc mf ff md fd by Witchman Added 15 March 2003 Miro Mara seduce a lesbian couple at their. A college student keeps zoning out when he goes on a hiking trip with his pressor two other students Hillbilly Dominatrix mc mf ff fd ft rb hu by Nick Vegas Added 20 October 2002 On a drive through the deep South a man encounters Kink served Southern Style Hip Hop Whore mc mf md by Jinxfosure Added 23 February 2002 Rap sensation Ginuwine decides to add beautiful coed Tammy to his vast collection status symbols. Carly Abby are seduced by a stranger who’s after more than just sex The HBS mc ff cb by Jypsy Jones Added 26 November 2006 A mission for the Hot Blond Superheroines to thwart the evil Hypnotica goes as planned only what was the supervillain’s real objective…? He Came from Outer Space mc mm by Wrestlr Added 17 March 2018 A coach sees a big blue penis-shaped flying saucer. Joel keeps getting gifts from his ex-girlfriends even though its not his birthday Happy Birthday Mistress! mc ff by Baochai Jya Added 08 May 2010 A domme trains her new slave a little too well Happy Birthday Sis! mc ff by bobwhite Added 12 February 2011 Mark gives his little sister a birthday present to remember. In a city heroism villainy one hero encounters a beautiful sorceress… Hero the Day mc mf ff md fd cb hu in by J Darksong Added 12 August 2007 Updated 30 September 2007 Parker strives the keep the citizens River City safe in the vaccum left by Omega Girl’s departure but the new dark threat looming in the shadows may be too much for him to face alone Hers for the Taking mc mf fd by authoress71 Added 17 April 2010 My meets her internet friend decides to hypnotize him. Vincent Terranova (dit Vinnie) est un agent de l'OCB (Organized Crime Bureau) qui pour peaufiner sa couverture a passé 18 mois en prison dans le New Jersey histoire de se faire quelques connaissances du milieu et un CV pour sa sortie au point que même sa mère le croit appartenir à la pègre Cela lui permet d'infiltrer la mafia locale et de se rapprocher de pontes puis de rédiger des rapports pour son supérieur Frank McPike Une seule chose les intéresse : le flagrant délit seul cas qui peut faire couler. A new super-villain is in town one who seems to have figured out Sharpe’s secret weakness Can WildRose save Sharp from her own desires or will the Technophile ensnare them both? Healing Hs Other Things mc mf by Lisa Teez Added 16 January 2010 Ama’s masseuse is skilled at many things Healing Time mc ff by Verbilt Added 22 May 2010 A hospital hypnotherapist helps with a dying patient. The world’s biggest pop star has a run-in with an obsessed fan Her Debt to Society mc mf by Lisa Teez Added 20 February 2010 After accepting a deal to get out jail time Penny finds the cost is be higher than she bargained for Her First Time mc mf fd by Lucious Lexi Added 13 October 2001 Paul’s girlfriend Zoe decides it’s time to try being the hypnotist for a change. A man experiments with hypnosis hypnotizes his friend Hypnotic Roommates ff mc by Anonymous-010 Added 18 August 1996 A psych coed completes her assignment in video class: a tape which sucks her roomate into it turning the girl into a slave Hypnotic School mc mf mm md fd by Shade139 Added 05 January 2002 A group students experiment with hypnosis mind-control. A woman visits a hypnotist a friend studying for his therapy qualification He doesn’t take advantage me on the first session or the next or the next He gets there in the end though Her Biggest Wish mc mf md by Mian Added 02 August 2008 Gloria changes from a goth to a bimbo Her Cfee Slave mc ff ft hm by Mana Ray Added 15 October 2016 Updated 26 November 2016 Erin is made to serve the people she despises but her friends seem to have it. Tim brutally dumps a girl before learning she runs the hottest new salon in town he needs a haircut Hair Today Gone Tomorrow mc ff by bobwhite Added 19 March 2006 When a popular girl rejects the son the gym teacher heads will get shaved Haircut mc mf md sf by ARheostat Added 09 June 2018 When a trophy wife suffers a breakdown a technician just happens to be in. A bounty hunter hired to find a missing woman enters Empire territory with the hopes finding her before the Empire discovers him Heavy mc mm by Obedient Jo Added 19 June 2010 A pushy door-to-door salesman shows up at a man’s home Heavy Breathing mc ff by Jukebox Added 30 April 2016 Holly is waiting for an important call but she can’t seem to get rid an obscene caller. On a remote planet a hunter stalks his prey Hunt (Mistress LOVE) mc ff mf fd by Mistress LOVE Added 30 July 2016 Tamara uses her unique magical gifts to take control the ones that are hunting her while she hunts her own prey Hunter mc mf md gr by Chrystal Wynd Added 13 November 2010 Updated 26 December 2010 A man with great power no mental moral or ethical restraints escapes from the Chrystal Heights Mental Health Clinic. Jenny takes a keen interest in another woman’s posterior Hypno Hit mc ff by Anynom Added 22 July 2000 A hired killer targets a woman who has been stealing corporate secrets Hypno Mind Party mc mf ff md by Hypno S Added 25 May 2002 A society reporter starts to wonder what a reclusive millionaire is doing throwing Hypno Parties decides to do some research. A scientist invents a drugs that brings out the animals instincts in women indirectly in men too Heat Goes to the Jungle mc ff cb by Cerebralgreen Added 17 April 2004 Heat continues to capture more superheroines under her hypnotic spell Heat the Moment mc mf ff by Jukebox Added 13 February 2010 Tom proposes to his girlfriend she’s inspired to new heights passion by the excitement Or maybe it’s not just the excitement… Notorious cat-burglar Esha has been tasked with retrieving a rare jewel for a mysterious client Little does she know that her client is less interested in the jewel than she is in the beautiful jewel thief Have We Met Before? mc mf fd by amy riddoch Added 17 June 2017 You don’t immediately realize it but the woman you asked to hypnotize you over skype has already met you in. A girl challenged the Hive to rescue someone she loved it brainwashed her into one more nameless obedient slave Now it reawakens her—more or less—for its own diabolical purposes The HoneyCup Inn mc mf ff md by mystic sparkle Added 06 November 2005 Two girls undergo a transformation after partaking the ‘honeycup’ fered by a mysterious stranger in. A woman orders a new MP3 player begins to notice certain changes Hit Me With Your Best Shot mc mf ff md fd by Jukebox Added 16 April 2011 Two telepaths duel over a pretty young college student The Hitch-Hiker mc mf in by Pan Added 06 August 2016 Updated 20 August 2016 One wish before one wish after Nicki uses hers to ensure that her father doesn’t enjoy what they’re about. It’S Spring Cleaning time for the harem telepathic mind controller Martine; will she decide to keep Zoe for another year? How Fortunate Are You? mc mf ff by New Name Dan Added 03 March 2012 Updated 10 March 2012 A trio friends stop at the new Chinese place Mr Fu’s Luck How I Became a Banana Slut Lost My Two Cherries mc mf md by Ian Boheme Added 17 April 2004 Jenny helps Eric complete his computer/psych project for college. The superheroine Hypnotica enforces justice for co-eds on campus Hypnotism in a Japanese Senior High School mc mf md nc by tenshixoni Added 29 March 2009 Updated 05 April 2009 Mitsuki Tohru a 3rd year student in Ryoshi Senior High School is a beautiful girl who has been in the eyes guys for quite awhile She had always shunned the attention boys However a group 4 boys have fantasies enslaving her putting her under their control They thus initiate their plan to. A friend calls KC to help him with his sexually inhibited partner Pam Hypnosis Alternate mc ff by Valasania the Pale Added 01 July 2017 Updated 22 July 2017 Lynn has a plan to enslave her best friend Rose Hypnosis Beneath Hypnosis mc mf md by Mesmerr Added 09 February 2008 A therapist who gives seminars on hypnosis engages in a little extra-cirricular activity. A man visits an online domme for stress relief His Lady Friends mc mf fd by BluejayGS Added 05 November 2011 The Curse the Bambino was strong for 84 years but how much a curse was it truly? His Living Doll mc mf md rb by A Sinister Bent Added 29 May 2005 Updated 19 June 2005 A woman is brainwashed into believing she’s. Kim’S attitude towards the nerd fraternity house begins to change Hippity Hoppity Easter’s On Its Way mc mf md gr by Volt Namazuros Added 09 April 2011 Maybe Kate shouldn’t have egged on an odd-looking stranger now she may be in for a harey situation Hired Help mc ff ft rb by If I Was Not You Added 04 June 2016 Katie gets a job working for a wealthy woman with a highly automated home. David est terrassé par le stress causé par la nouvelle ; Eli fre à Raglin de l'argent pour abattre Pinzolo afin de venger la mort de son fils Carole désolée de la mort de David tente de confondre Pinzolo mais celui-ci l'étouffe avant de tenter de s'enfuir au Maroc Raglin le rejoint et veut l'abattre mais McPike intervient Malheureusement Pinzolo comprend alors que Raglin et donc Terranova sont des agents fédéraux : Raglin trouve une raison de plus de le tuer ce qu'il fait immédiatement Il est renvoyé et McPike retourne trouver Terranova Dead Dogs Records (épisodes 13 à 20) McPike deme à Vinnie un coup de main pour l'aider : sa femme Jenny a une maladie cardiaque Vinnie organise alors une transplantation en utilisant les fonds du Bureau. Modifier A would-be burglar is captured reprogrammed by his intended victim The Happily mc ff by 8-bit Added 23 September 2007 Updated 02 December 2007 A plot between three college girls goes incredibly awry Happily Ever After mc mf fd ft by Hson 36 Added 25 January 2004 Updated 09 January 2005 Danielle learns about her husb’s submissive nature interest in hypnosis exploits them. Harry finds a new lease life through a chance meeting with one the wee folk A Harsh Lesson mc ff by Neo Whyachi Added 24 April 2004 Two college students that get hypnotized by their phyche pressor after their botched attempt to hypnotize her The Harvesters mc ff mf sf by Zapped! Added 20 February 2010 Updated 09 April 2016 When aliens invade a small town in Kansas numerous Earth women begin to mysteriously vanish. Alors que McPike a convaincu Santana d'intégrer l'OCB celui-ci est fermé pour raisons budgétaires McPike Santana et "Oncle Mike" sont recrutés par le procureur de New York afin de lutter contre la drogue dans les bas-fonds new-yorkais notamment dans un lycée tenu par Jesse Hains un enseignant sévère mais pétri d'humanité. An Australian Businesswoman seeks to take over a Thai export business with little success Hostile Takeover (channelpressure) mc mf fd by channelpressure Added 13 December 2014 Carl falls victim to some unusual negotiating tactics Hostile Takeover (The Persuader) mc mf md by The Persuader Added 26 September 2010 A mob boss takes on more than he can hle when he makes a gambler pay f his debts by sending his wife over for. Steph finds herself on an elevator with a stranger but after a few words she begins to remember who the stranger is Hypnotic Eye Beams mc mf ff md fd by The Flying Pen Added 21 December 2003 Updated 13 June 2004 Terry hypnotizes his girlfriend Susie while having his eyes on their best friend Carrie Hypnotic Fetish Therapy The Saga Dr Samantha Dominique—Part One mc mf fd ft by Latexman Added 09 November 2002 Keith Russell seeks help from an unusual source for an unusual problem. The gold watch that a man steals has special powers Horse Head Mask mc mf ff fd ex fu gr be by Nigel Added 26 July 2014 A man crashes a party dons a horse head mask thinking it will get him in with the cool crowd It does just not the way he expected The Horses mc mm ff gr sf by latexter Added 30 January 2016 Updated 09 April 2016 A man gets into a cab ride with Greg it turns out to a ride that he never wants. Mary a psychologist saves her most difficult patients for the end the day Her Friend’s Purse mc mf fd by sl3py Added 02 December 2007 A man finds himself obsessed with his wife’s friend Her Hero mc mf fd in by CoolMind Added 20 March 2010 After saving his sister Mike notices that she is acting funny. Ted puts on his good suit to close a business deal with an older man He’s Like a New Man mc ma fd by Fiona69m Added 05 December 2009 Carrie an abused wife is given the gift control He’s The Greatest Writer mc mf md by Wesley King Added 10 December 2006 A writer mind-control stories on the Internet gets to live his fantasies. Lindsey has an innovative solution for her fertility problem The Hypno-Talker Zlar mc mf ff md by Doctor MC Mad Scientist Added 15 June 2013 Updated 06 July 2013 A Vietnam veteran sees the young women next door get kidnapped by aliens Hypno-Tickling mc mf md by Michael McMann Added 04 October 2003 Updated 18 September 2005 Rachel bets her boyfriend that he can’t hypnotize her. Kent thinks he’s using hypnosis to take advantage Ellen but the opposite is true Her Lover’s Eyes mc mf md by URN My Power Added 30 March 2002 Marshall uses hypnosis to help Jane deal with her memories child-abuse Her Manor My Home mc ff by InLeaves Added 14 June 2014 Updated 21 June 2014 Lyra is a spunky sports tomboy but her fate changes overnight when a infinitely powerful Fae falls in love with her claims her as her personal devoted maid. Tabitha’S been acting out in school but she’s about to learn who she really is The Hard Way mc mf md bd by Bad Wolf Added 19 June 2011 A man decides to make a girl his slave the hard way The Hard Way II mc mf ff md bd by Bad Wolf Added 21 January 2012 Life gets a little more complicated for Rani her Master. Our hero meets a woman who wants to surrender to him completely; fortuitously he has a drug which enhances hypnotic trances puts her under Hypnogeddon! mc md by Interstitial Added 03 October 2015 Synopsis: The slightly demented yet legendary EMC author Lupa Proseda is preparing some early chapters her diaries for publication At the same time she is wrestling with her new magnum opus Hypnogeddon!—wherein much the world becomes mind-controlled in the far-flung future As things gradually come together we learn via a series email exchanges that the story in her head is not quite what her editor bargained for… Peg agrees to help Jane become more submissive to her husb Dick the way that Peg is submissive to her husb Bob Hidden Images mc mf ff fd by artie Added 27 April 2002 Updated 25 September 2004 Rob accepts a job at a large secluded mansion becomes part the family that lives there The Hide mc mm by Inanimate_Transformer Added 20 August 2011 Updated 04 January 2014 Matt regrets his decision to go to a leather bar. A banker meets a stage hypnotist who leads him to a life subjugation How I Became King a Town mc mf md by Hypno S Added 23 September 2001 An engineer at a local television station inserts subliminal messages into a public access program How I Got Under Your Skin mc mm by Control One Added 16 November 2003 Updated 25 January 2004 Dominance that leads to submission ten leads to real freedom with a little help from hypnosis a Controller. A routine mission ends up serving as a scientific experiment Porter is not happy with the results Heat: Betsy’s POV mc mf ff fd ma bd by HB5211 Added 07 January 2017 Betsy has been returned to Heather resistant to training Heather loves a challenge decides to make a Betsy a personal project the changes permanent Can Betsy resist? Mais l'assassinat de Dave a affaibli la famille Steelgrave : Mack "Pas de monnaie" Mahoney parrain de Philadelphie et Paul "Le Chat" Patrice parrain de New York ont des intérêts à Atlantic City et s'impliquent de plus en plus dans les affaires de Sonny tout en essayant de l'évincer Après s'être assuré du soutien de Mahoney Steelgrave à son enterrement de vie de garçon étrangle Patrice alors qu'il lui avait demé d'être son témoin et que celui-ci avait décidé de le tuer le matin de son mariage La police débarque alors et Sonny comprend qui l'a trahi : Vinnie devenu petit à petit son frère de remplacement Après une bagarre contre Vinnie et comprenant qu'il ne peut échapper à la prison Sonny se suicide en s'électrocutant. The morning after her seventeenth birthday Dakota Trent’s h seems to have a mind its own Things only get worse from there H f mc mf md by Added 25 May 2008 Updated 29 June 2008 Sam receives the power to control the thoughts actions anyone he touches but there are rules H f — Jenny mc mf ff fd by Lisa Teez Added 21 September 2008 Updated 29 November 2008 Jenny has the ability to make other people. Elle a été diffusée du 16 septembre 1987 au. Hannah Steve are working late in the shop when they are visited by two people they presume are wearing Halloween costumes Halloween Invasion mc mf md by RubberMan Added 10 December 2006 Women at a kinky Halloween party are infected with nanites Halloween Night mc mf fd by Author Author Added 20 January 1998 A man’s girlfriend gives him a special drink at a halloween party. Jason gets exposed to HEAT while under Heather’s control Now both Jason Betsy have to struggle with the effects as Dr Choi’s experiment continues Heat? (Jodi) mc mm mf cb by Jodi Added 01 February 2009 Updated 21 March 2009 A supervillain uses his DNA formula to change a superhero into a flamboyant supervillain Heather mc mf md by Utopian Added 05 June 2005 Updated 12 June 2005 Heather is compelled to keep returning to a park bench every day where she meets a strange man. Bridget is a pawn as ancient forces prepare for the inevitable conflict Hollywood mc mf fd by ScriptWriter Added 03 May 2009 Updated 03 March 2012 Two old friends get together for a double-date Hollywood Fun mc mf md by Vinas Added 10 August 1998 Jack Smith is a telepath with a taste for celebrities supermodels. Two girls have a great plan to get some easy grades Surely nothing will go wrong? Hamlin: The True Story mc mf md by Anynom Added 23 January 2000 At last the truth about the Pied Piper can finally be told H mc mf fd by artie Added 24 August 2002 Updated 03 May 2003 Roger struggles to underst his role as a pawn in an elaborate diabolical conspiracy. Sy finds a hypnosis mp3 that promises to cure her insomnia she’s just desperate enough to try it A Hard Predicament mc mf fd by Dominicasdevotedfollower Added 08 November 2003 After meeting Dominica Tom finds himself in a stiff situation Hard Sell mc ff by bobwhite Added 20 June 2004 Updated 15 December 2012 After Katrina discovers her powers the lives her coworkers go through drastic changes. Dave comes home to find his wife daughter sucking f a stranger HOME MAID: A Super Pies Tale mc mf by Prymape Merlinsw Added 16 May 2015 Updated 15 October 2016 Mrs LaMode bakes pies with strange fruit from her neighbor’s garden Home the Lilithbornes mc mf ff fd ft by blankpage Added 26 June 2004 Updated 15 December 2012 Danny Julie meet new friends at Chateau Aensl. A man uses his hypnotic powers on a complete stranger molds her to his liking How to Get Rid Your Fuckin’ Mob Boss Husb mc mf by Lisa Teez Added 08 September 2007 Gina makes her plans to get away from her husb How to Get Rid Your Fuckin’ Wife mc mf md by Lisa Teez Added 02 September 2007 A mob boss finds a way to make his wife. Frustrated with his girlfriend withholding sex Thomas takes supplements to make her addicted to semen with increasingly disasterous results How to Solve an Employment Crisis! mc ff by Robotunit8 Added 24 December 2006 Stephanie is recruited to become an elf help out in Santa’s workshop How to Take Down a Superhero mc mm cb by Baralai Added 17 May 2009 Updated 22 April 2017 An unknown villian tries to take on the heroic Super Patrol. Marie’S boyfriend retaliates after he discovers that she has been having an affair Horton Hears a Ho mc mf fd by Mudak Added 05 February 2011 Horton receives a strange phone call then an unusual package from a mysterious woman Where did she get it from what is its real purpose? Hose mc ff ft by Bounded Added 18 February 2012 Helen is determined to bring Sarah to a very special place. A man experiments giving his wife comms to obey How I Learnt to St Still mc mm ft by Rubbag Added 08 May 2004 Updated 28 November 2004 Ben learns how to become a statue How I Saved the World mc ff by Sara H Added 04 April 2004 Updated 15 December 2012 Ann finally meets the girl next door it may just change. A neighbor uses hypnosis to help Chrissie with her sleeping problem A Hypnotic Night mc mm by sb_jb_mc Added 01 February 2014 Aaron the football player has learned hypnosis must test his skills on his two friends Hypnotic Pheromones mc mf md by HypnoZorro Added 16 November 2003 A man develops a power potion which elevates his male essence to hypnotic levels. Two college psych majors use a new hypnosis method to ensnare smooth young freshmen boys Herd mc mf ff md fd in ft sf by Homealone_447 Added 31 December 2011 Women are abducted by insectoid alien slavers Herd Instinct mc ff mf by Tabico Added 16 November 2003 Updated 22 November 2003 Rebecca is heavily modified by her kidnappers She does however have some surprises. A vampire slayer is enthralled by a vampire turned into stripper The Humiliation Jane mc nc mf ff md fd by DJW; Dr Phil; DW Lust; M D James; Unknown-014 Very Bad Man Added 27 January 1998 Updated 08 January 2000 Jane the snotty law student undergoes an interesting change: She finds she cannot refuse any one’s comms Her previous nasty manner comes back to. On the front page the Krystalis Times there’s a real ‘feel good’ story that’s creating a stir Hot Oil mc ff by Tabico Added 24 November 2002 Updated 16 August 2003 The girls from ‘Sweet Oil’ discover the strings attached to their gift wind up wearing them Hot Pursuit mc mf md ma by Mudak Added 28 November 2009 Mary Carrie Cheri Terri Harry all agree to test out Bruce’s latest invention which promises to be a lot fun for everyone involved. A man likes to rescue wayward boys whether they like it or not Household Enslavement mc mf md in by chroyce100 Added 09 September 2017 Our narrator returns home on college break now fully in control his mental abilities How a Bad Girl Tastes mc mf md by MiceLovesTo Added 14 August 2004 A stranger picks up ‘Nadette a Catholic school girl on the way to school. Chris’ roommate has a new boyfriend who keeps telling Chris how hsome he is Hyman mc mf md sf hu by AMOWAT Added 04 August 2001 Trailer-trash Jackson Davis is given mind-control powers—but with important limitations Hans Greta mc mf ff fd by Chew Toy Added 30 October 2010 A couple come upon an isolated house in the woods occupied by. The high school guidance councellor insists on making a special meeting with Alexis Hypnotic Encounter mc mf fd by Blue Eyes Added 26 October 2002 A submissive male finally gets a chance to meet in person a woman he met over the Internet Hypnotic Encounters mc mf md by Lucky Guy Added 19 August 2000 Updated 30 December 2000 Lucky recounts his life’s hypnoerotic experiences. A man uses hypnosis to court a younger woman into a relationship encourage her into his fetishes Hypno-show mc mf md fd by Robotdoll Added 28 May 1999 Amy drags Mike to a hypnosis show which turns out to be far stranger than either imagined Hypno-Smoker! mc mf ff md by SleepKnight Added 09 February 2003 A stranger shows up on Kate’s front door hypnotizes her. The new guy on the construction site isn’t much liked by the rest the crew But when the guy gets hypnotized as part his hazing everyone has a lot fun Harem mc mf ff md by Simon bar Sinister Added 01 August 1996 Aaron has trouble accepting how well his life is going; he visits a nice female psychologist who has trouble believing how well Aaron’s sex life is going too so she looks. Barbara learns the value being neighborly to her neighbor Carl Howell’s Way mc ff ft by Whyte Colleen Added 12 December 1999 Updated 21 September 2003 Miss Howell a teacher dismissed for inappropriate advances towards her female students plots her revenge using a hypnotic crystal HS Reunion mc mf fd by soccerfan1965 Added 03 September 2011 Gene is enslaved by a woman he meets at a high school reunion. When Bella says “I could never do that,” it doesn’t necessarily mean she won’t Heads-Tails mc mm by Wrestlr Added 05 January 2013 Former college roommate Ruben stops by suggests playing a familiar game that starts with the flip a coin Headshots mc mf md by Joe Mama Added 07 January 2007 Two reluctant coeds get their pictures taken by a photographer with some special gear. Dad Mark the twins are back together again A sequel to ‘House Rules.’ House Rules mc ff mf ma hm by Trystor Added 24 January 2009 Updated 07 July 2012 A college girl can’t pass up the chance to stay at Hunt House despite the strange behaviour her new roommates House Rules (Wrestlr) mc mm in by Wrestlr Added 17 October 2009 Supervising twin brothers can be a real chore without some. An Army Captain demonstrates the results his new Psy-ops procedure Hookah Head mc mf ff fd la gr by Amus Cobblestone Added 12 December 2009 Gretchen Julie invite a good looking stud to partake in some “shisha” Hooked mc ff hm by CactusJuggler Added 20 June 2004 Holly needs help She has an addiction problem that she’s desperate to get over What can it hurt for her old friend Ama to try hypnotizing her? Ben goes a little overboard with the using his power Hold Music mc mf md by das-747 Added 13 April 2008 Mice is distracted by the hold music when she calls a customer complaint line Hold My Beer While I Screw Your Girlfriend mc mf md by The Worm Added 10 September 2006 A psychic mind controller has fun with a woman he meets in a bar Once he gets her away from her boyfriend course A fallen angel is pursued by a seductive demon Hahsni mc mf md ft by Tang Added 08 May 2010 Updated 15 May 2010 Rachel meets a Korean couple at the bus stop becomes obsessed with them Haiku mc ff by 8-bit Added 28 September 2008 Updated 19 October 2008 A force nature has come to the city searching for her kidnapped sister. Chris quickly realizes he made a horrible mistake when he gets picked up by a beautiful woman in a fast car Hive mc ff by trilby else Added 10 October 2004 When no one else will help her Tanya infiltrates a mind-controllers’ complex alone to rescue someone she loves from a diabolical conspiracy She expected things not to be quite as they seemed but things seem to be turning out not quite as she expected Hive Games mc ff by Knowing-Smile Added 24 June 2017 Stephanie find a rather compelling room at a hypnosis convention. She keeps thinking that she’s waking up from a trance but she keeps getting proven wrong How Madelyn Became a Good Girl mc mf md ma by Bookman the Owner Added 04 July 2015 Strong businesswoman Madelyn meets an unusual man who turns her into a good girl How Many Easter Bunnies? mc mf md hu by Lisa Teez Added 22 April 2007 A woman tells her. Jenny Trisha are homely pathetic losers end up in But the malebolge is way different than they expected find themselves fated to become sexy succubi Hath No Fury Like Mrs Claus Scorned mc mf fd hu by Nymph Added 17 December 2006 Ms Claus has had enough Santa’s philering It’s payback time Needs Librarians! mc fd gr by William Pratt Added 17 April 2010 Casey goes to war with the Carelton High Cheerleaders with what may turn out to be a poor choice allies. Chris goes to an elite university in order to learn how to become a slave Homosexual Indoctrination: Liberty Man Versus Lady MindTaker mc mm mf md fd cb by theobedientboy Added 17 August 2013 Lady MindTaker has enslaved a ship drones to her will Can Liberty Man rescue them before it is. Hunter tracks down eliminates evil mind controlling bastards there are none better But his latest enemy may be more than he bargained for Can Hunter protect those he cares about take out this threat while struggling against inner demons his own making? Hunter’s Trip: The Milking Barn mc mm bd ft by The Slaver Added 14 December 2013 Hunter discovers something unbelievable at a farm in the English countryside. Don Aiuppo beau-père de Vinnie est blessé gravement lors d'une tentative de meurtre sur sa personne Vinnie est propulsé alors temporairement à la tête de la Commission de la Mafia locale Il tente alors de mettre à bas les mafieux composant cette commission jusqu'à ce qu'il découvre qu'Aiuppo le manipule pour se venger de ses rivaux Furieux il lui annonce qu'il ne veut plus qu'Aiuppo s'approche de lui ou de sa famille En retour Aiuppo lui annonce qu'il est au courant de sa couverture par le biais d'un appel à "oncle Mike". When Angel had gone from asexual Valedictorian to dumb stripper/whore her old friend Gene decides to intervene How Bad Girls Go Good mc ff by J Darksong Added 25 April 2015 Ama Van Clythe is rich privileged snooty a real bitch Spoiled by her parents during her formative years she has only gotten worse with age no one endures it more than her servants employees She’s very uptight but perhaps Miss Caitlyn’s gentle massage can loosen her up. A high school senior who is down on his luck might have just caught his first lucky break: A bottle with the power to grant wishes How will this power change his life? How will this power change him? Only time will tell Halle’s New Suit mc ff md by tedwar Added 11 May 1998 Halle meets a mysterious stranger in her fice building suddenly starts thinking about a wardrobe change other things Halloween Adventure mc mf md by Hypnur Added 03 October 2010 A man watches as his wife is taken by a magician at a Halloween party. The intertwined lives a group people in a world radically changed by the Human Sexuality Virus http:clubs/MiceRules mc mf fd by Marquesa’s Obedient Thrall Added 06 October 2001 Mice uses the Internet to hypnotize enslave Jon Human mc mf ff gr ft rb by Homealone_447 Added 13 December 2014 Cassra a gynoid infiltrator loses a battle is repurposed to be a companion unit But she can’t stop thinking about what happened to her her companions in the. For your Christmas gift you allow yourself to be hypnotized Hypno-Credit mc mf md by Mesmerr Added 09 February 2008 A hypnotist has a special payment plan for the shirt he purchased from a young shopgirl Hypno-Date mc mf md by Antoni Added 27 February 2000 Tony hypnotizes Shana on their. An innocent beauty finds herself attracted to a manly beast The Hypnotic Adventures Cinderella mc ff mf fd md by BlackNight99 Added 20 November 2010 Updated 04 December 2010 Cindy answers an advertisement to become a sex-slave The Hypnotic Cab Ride mc mf md by Witchman Added 10 June 2000 Beth takes a ride with a cab company that provides extra services. Four friends get caught in a scientific mishap will never be the same again Happy Families mc mf ff md in by Dreamreaper2k Added 28 August 2005 A couple make the decision that their rebellious daughter needs to be implanted with a control chip Happy Gear mc ff mf ma by SlapHop Added 19 July 2014 Cherie finds a pair high-waisted hot pants on her bed Then well some stuff happens. As Miro Mara prepare to leave the country they give one last set instructions to their hypnotic slaves Hypnotic Caresses mc mf fd by Eyenewt Added 29 August 2004 Updated 20 January 2005 A wife finally figures out how to hypnotize her husb Hypnotic Chat mc mf fd by Hypno Witch Shiri Added 18 February 2017 A chat session on Yahoo takes an unexpected turn. Nobody even notices Mary but in time everyone will learn to hail her Hail to the Victors mc ff mf ma by BluejayGS Added 22 October 2006 Updated 12 November 2006 A co-ed is eager to join a winning basketball team The Hair Dresser (Topper) mc mf fd by Topper Added 09 January 2010 A llord rents a barber shop to a new tenant. Contrast with Expospeak Gag where a slangy phrase is disguised in excessively formal language (although they can overlap if the speaker then "clarifies" what they were saying probably while raising an eyebrow) .push(function() { proper_display('tvtropes_content_2'); }); Examples:     open/close all folders  A surprise awaits Cindy in her new job interview Higher Milk Production mc bd la gr ft by Slanador Added 29 January 2012 By mistake Christie becomes aware that she has become a milk slave learns about the wonderful Milk Society Highschool mc mf md bd by Heretic Bloodline Added 18 November 2000 Updated 13 October 2001 Lorna behaves more more strangely in class yet doesn’t seem to notice what’s wrong. Honey Porter a witchcraft student at Hotbods University Witchery Wizarding plays the key position in a traditional magical game in this parody well—you know The Honey Trap mc mf ff md ft by sara castle Added 25 May 2008 A confection-themed supervillain kidnaps a series young ladies. Miles is kidnapped by his attractive teacher who has plans for him Hot Haunting Hypnosis mc mf fd by amethystsprey Added 31 October 2015 Mistress Amethyst bewitches more than her eager to serve male submissive Hot In Here mc mf in by mightysopor Added 12 May 2012 A university student goes out for dinner with his younger sister their parents things get weird when the live singer tells everyone “It’s getting hot in here so take f all your clothes”. A stranger comes to visit Bella at night Hypno Dude mc mf md by Hypnobubbles Added 06 July 2013 Hypno Dude tries to score with a hot chick Hypno Fantasy Dark mc fd by Hypno Witch Shiri Added 07 January 2017 An editorial article from now gone Hypno Fetish. Stephanie must undergo a training programme before she begins her new employment Scent mc mf md by Mesmer Eyes Added 20 December 1999 Raoul hypnotizes Valeria with a pendant ’s Chair mc mf md by Mesmerr Added 17 February 2008 Miko is hypnotized by her dentist with the help a little nitrous oxide. A sweet innocent Midwestern girl becomes one the most famous porn stars all time How to Be Programmed Into Obeying Intellectual Women mc fd ft by Nova Added 21 April 2018 Welcome to our little talk about fascination with glasses intellectual women Or maybe it will actually be more about the nature fascination itself You decide. A routine street hassle turns into a life-changing experience How I Became a Panty Slave mc mf fd by MindBender slave lou Added 12 March 2000 A man answers an online ad to become a panty slave How I Became A Teenage Robot mc mf md rb by SoulBlazer Added 05 September 2009 Mariah goes in for a paid experiment with nanites but ends up with more. Marvin’S decision to allow Cindy to use his hypnotic pendant to get revenge on her boyfriend Biff has let the genie out the bottle with chaotic results Hyperspace mc mm sf by Colo Hypno Added 14 March 1999 While travelling in hyperspace Raven Ry’s ship is infiltrated by a space monster with hypnotic powers Hyphosetized mc mf md ft by Superman2280 Added 14 September 2002 A high school student uses his newfound mind-control powers to take over his math teacher. Henry transforms a woman selling flowers on the street into a lady Hypno-Romance mc mf by Mesmerr Added 03 February 2008 A man uses hypnosis to get a woman Or does she get him? Hypno-Script mc mf md by Mesmerr Added 16 March 2008 A man is very amused when he hypnotizes his victim. Dr Cook enslaves a jerk who lives in her building Helping Hs mc mf fd by Mudak Added 04 August 2012 Molly brings Sheila to visit Miss Zelda in hopes improving her Helping Jimmy Get Some mc mf mm in ma by Changeme Added 21 September 2013 Updated 28 September 2013 Jimmy tries to convince his sister to help him get laid Marcus helps. Vinnie est chargé par le ministère de la Justice de mener une enquête sur la contrefaçon du Yen Il s'agit en fait d'un complot voulant organiser la dévaluation du Yen (comme l'Opération Bernhard) et organisé par d'anciens partenaires de Mel Pritt qui ont bien l'intention de mettre le tout sur le dos de Vinnie une fois l'opération achevée Le plan échoue pourtant en cours de route mais Vinnie est tout de même soumis à une enquête qu'une tierce partie vient éclairer et lui permettre d'être innocenté Linchboro/Seattle (épisodes 16 à 22) Vinnie est adjoint du shériff dans une ville de l'état de Washington dirigée d'une main de fer par Mark Volchek Sur le point d'aboutir Terranova est témoin du suicide par électrocution du shériff ce qui lui provoque des hallucinations dans lesquelles il rencontre Sonny Steelgrave et son frère Pete Terranova. Santa has a present for a street whore Hoedown mc ff fd hu by Sara H Added 30 September 2000 Updated 15 December 2012 Mistress Roce calls a square dance Hojōjutsu mc ff by sara castle Added 25 February 2007 A woman her AI rider hunt for. Two sisters compete over who will get to be Kyle’s servant Hollow Choices mc ff mf md fd by cat_slave Added 23 December 2000 Isis is captured by evil forces is there no one who can save her? Hollow Life mc ff by cat_slave Added 09 December 2000 While vacationing in Africa Bridget must pay a steep price when she receives assistance from a stranger. - 67 épisodes sont sortis dans un cfret 13 DVD intitulé The Collector's Edition le 9 mars 2010 chez Mill Creek Entertainment L'arc sur Dead Dog Records (Soit un total de sept épisodes) n'est pas présent pour des questions de droits d'auteurs concernant les musiques et chansons apparaissant dans le matériel filmé Il s'agit d'une édition Zone. A man uses his hoticultural skills to take control two women o Neighbor mc mf md by scifiscribbler Added 14 November 2015 Alice’s new neighbor Kimmy likes to play the same music constantly o Norma Jean mc mf md by nadiencendia Added 10 May 2003 The truth about what happened to Marylin just for MC-story readers. Protective his tv star brother Pete discovers his new sister-in-law has power over men Hollywood’s Not America mc mf md ma by BluejayGS Added 28 November 2009 Chester starts a busines selling DVDs with subliminal messages Holly’s Decision mc ff by JRParz Added 23 April 2006 Holly finds herself drawn to a female pressor When the pressor makes her a very arousing fer she is forced to choose between the right thing to do the unthinkable Her decision either way will change her life dramatically. A family three falls under the power a teenage girl How True Loved Happened mc mm by webb025 Added 16 October 2010 A gay man buys a secondh desk makes a provocative discovery in the bottom drawer Howard the Hooker mc mf fd by TexTrance Added 20 April 2008 Howard let Jessica the hooker know that he did not respect her way making a living so she turned the tables. Dani tries to cope with her brother’s ability to rewrite people’s memories His Scent mc mf md by dreamer dreamz Added 12 October 2002 There’s something about the way that Calvin smells that makes Deborah compliant with him His Taste mc mf md by artie Added 20 September 1999 An author responds to reader requests for maledom mind-control stories. Emily indulges her curiosity at a peep show see’s Krystelle’s heart shaped box Heart Strings mc ff by Lisa Jones Added 31 December 2011 Julie’s coworker suddenly starts controlling her like a puppet Heart’s Desirs mc mf md by Pancho Lopez Added 05 February 2006 Updated 26 February 2006 A man uses a spider amulent to hypnotize Arlene. There’S someone new in town rew finds himself on the menu House Party mc mf ff md by Aerosol Kid Added 17 September 2000 Grace Gina try to break free Erik’s programming escape House Party ( .17) mc mf md by .17 Added 09 April 2016 A man uses his mental powers to influence the attendees. An ambitious reporter is determined to learn the secret a ventriloquist’s sudden success While searching for the truth she discovers some unexpected surprises Hey Mikey mc mm by Darr Fall Added 20 March 2010 Updated 02 March 2013 Matt his college jock buddies are snowed in Can Matt’s gay little brother be persuaded to provide some entertainment? He’s Back! mc mf md by Juni Added 24 August 2002 Howie the evil clown returns. Un téléfilm mettant en scène Ken Wahl et tourné en 1996 par ABC reprend le personnage de Vince Terranova et le scénario de la série comme si la quatrième saison n'avait jamais existé Vinnie après avoir passé plusieurs années aux écoutes téléphoniques (en punition d'avoir été la dupe d'Aiuppo) doit infiltrer la mafia de Paul Calendar (Ted Levine) Bien que les critiques furent bonnes l'audience ne fut pas un succès Le projet de relancer la série fut alors abonné pour plusieurs raisons : Rachel has a lust for power a lust for her new roommate Jill The Hessian’s Daughter mc mf fd by Juni Added 19 January 2002 Updated 07 April 2002 An American Revolutionary soldier falls in love with a Hessian spy Hester mf mc by FRIAR DAVE Added 15 August 1996 A couple have a great sexual relationship but the guy seems to miss a former girlfriend’s taste for oral sex Hester decides to develop her taste for such things using self-hypnosis things. Dr Alec Thorton returns from Europe with a new clinical tool the power deep hypnosis It seems strange to him but he has the urge to use it not for therapy but for his own sexual gratification So he uses it with his secretary wife step-daughter daughter etc Hypo Submission Jennifer mc mf md hm by emma_sub Added 09 February 2003 When Jennifer is hypnotized by her boss her submissive side is revealed. Some (very) short stories based on pictures photos manips online Hypnotic Teddy Bear mc mf md by Hypnotic Teddy Bear Added 07 October 2000 A psychology student recounts his origins as a mind-control story author Hypnotic Turnabout mc mm by Submit1950 Added 14 May 2006 A man experiments some more with hypnosis on his friends. Dr Christie Black helps Mice date her new neighbor Kenny Hypno-Helpers mc ff md fd by MCNA Added 24 September 2005 Updated 06 November 2005 An organization aliens hires out its employees to help people realize their fantasies solve relationship issues Hypno-Hits mc mf md fd by Spearo Added 09 April 2006 Phil works for an organization that rights wrongs using hypnosis. Timothy uses an ancient spell to adjust the attitude the lawnboy HypnoSissy: Becoming a Cocksucker mc mm mf fd by silkstockingslover Added 30 September 2017 A straight guy watches porn tapes that are not what they seem Hypnoslave mc mf fd by Ertcdrm Added 17 October 1997 Richard enjoys his sessions with the beautiful hypnotherapist Rachel Green. Cace keeps going back to the cy store for more treats in spite the store’s creepy owner Hard Cy (Nicky Noxville) mc mm by Nicky Noxville Added 16 October 2010 Updated 13 September 2014 A man gives Taylor a piece cy that he promises will help him have the best sex his life A Hard Days Night (Lisa Teez) mc mf by Lisa Teez Added 20 March 2010 A planet lesbians must prepare for the arrival a ship carrying men. Word a backdoor into a corporate system falls into the lap an experienced hacker Honey’s Story mf mc nc by The Flying Pen Added 31 August 1996 Our hero a tinkerer with people’s minds finds Honey a tempting target when he sees her at lunch one day Rather than order her to obey him he seduces her with the power his mind Honey’s Uninvited Guest mf mc by Honey Added 13 November 1996 A guest surprises Honey as she cleans up after work Speaking directly to her thoughts he seduces her. Annika years for someone who will make her feel like a little girl Heiress mc mf ff md by abobst01 Homer Vargas Added 26 September 2010 Leigh listens to a lecture on hypnosis Held mc ff by trilby else Added 03 April 2005 A police psychologist finds herself especially drawn to one the women she helped rescue from mind-controlling slavers. David’S new business venture includes hairdryers that hypnotize his customers— his hired help too Haiti Vacation mc mf fd by jo199 Added 10 January 1999 Joey goes on vacation in Haiti is turned into a zombie The Half-Life Loss mc mm by Julian Obedient Added 21 June 2003 Ben copes. Mais Roger est toujours en service et organise un coup d'état sur l'île Pavot besogne refusée puis regrettée par Pritt Roger doit également liquider Vinnie jugé encombrant par son employeur Herb Ketcher agent de la CIA Lococco engage des mercenaires qui enlèvent McPike et le tuent Du moins est-ce ce que Roger fait croire à Ketcher : dégouté de son travail et convaincu par Vinnie Lococco a passé un accord avec le FBI Ketcher doit passer en commission d'enquête pour répondre de ses agissements dans le coup d'état et préfère se suicider plutôt que de risquer le courroux de ses employeurs Roger disparait de la circulation. Susan hooks up with an old acquaintance from college on Facebook Hypnotic Citation mc mf by Hypno Witch Shiri Added 04 February 2017 Christy has big plans for two ficers who pull her over on night Hypnotic Coin Encounters mc ff by ghytrenas Added 21 August 2004 Tamara hypnotizes Lina with her special coin. A collection humorous flashes Hump Day mc mf md by URN My Power Added 08 September 2001 Steve about to be fired from his otherwise all-female workplace suddenly gets a new burst confidence Hunger mc ff by sti Added 12 July 2009 Erin is tempted to use her powers on a girl she sees in. The slaves return to university for their spring semester Homosexual Indoctrination: The Possessor Possesses Liberty Boy mc mm cb bd ds by theobedientboy Added 15 February 2014 The Possessor fed up with his minion Control reprograms him for obedience Satisfied with Control’s submission he sets his sights on Liberty Boy Claudia an astronaut is hypnotized by Julian while they are in orbit Hypnostroke mc mf md ds by Hypnopup666 Added 25 May 2008 A hypnotist brings his lover one step into submission Hypnotherapy mc mf fd by le Duc de Kavaliere Added 01 February 2009 Updated 05 April 2009 A man sees a hypnotherapist for his drinking problem. As a hostile succubi invasion shatters modern civilization a man devotes himself to a woman who is willing to go completely mental to save humankind The Hive: Erinn mc mf md by Patrick27 Added 15 February 2014 Patrick goes to visit one his students at her job at the strip club not being aware that she is actually a programmed drone looking for a Master The Hiving Nanites mc ff mf md by Lisa Teez Added 20 October 2012 Lidsey Anna Joanie explore a town where all the women seem to be missing. When one Hilda’s slaves misbehaves it has the most unusual consequences Her Website mc mf fd by soccerfan1965 Added 13 August 2011 A man learns that a coworker posted some naughty videos herself Her Wednesday Lunches mc mf md by UXB57 Added 13 April 2002 Tami meets the mystery man who Mary is now living with. Sir Cedric enters the lair the dragon to rescue Lady Urrica The dragon however is more interested in bargaining with the knight than with fighting him Here Comes the Bride mc ff by Jukebox Added 03 January 2010 On her wedding day Abby’s wedding planner finally uses her hypnosis skills for what she really wants to do Here Comes the Next Contestant mc ff by Added 27 May 2007 Frank tries to separate his girlfriend from two strange women after her waitress shift has finished. Stephanie accepts a job at a hotel with a futuristic theme Hotel Remodel mc mf fd by Mistress Alice Added 07 November 2015 A businessman stops for few days in a special hotel where some guests receive special attentions by the night manager Hotel Robotica mc mf md rb by Dr Robo Added 29 February 2004 Teresa Holly check into a new hotel/spa complex for a bit relaxation. Tom runs into some technical problems with the Master PC program How My Day Was mc mf md by Writer Added 02 July 2016 Susan meets Troy in the computer lab begins her new life How Not To Embellish A Resume mc mf md by Wesley King Added 11 July 2010 Zoe is reassigned after her company discovers some discrepencies on her job application. Brenda Sullivan has reinvented America’s favorite game show the results are positively enthralling Want to play? Hypno-Zap! mc ff fd md by 30Kerotica Added 09 June 2018 Marguerite has a crush on her best friend Allie no way to act upon it Surely that stupid hypno gun is not going to help her Or is it? Hypnoangel mc mf fd by Vysotskyfan Added 25 June 2006 A hypnotic organization attempts to influence the outcome an election. What makes everyone around Tom become so happy what does it have to do with a UFO that crashed nearby? Happy We Are: Mike’s Diary mc mf ff sf by Psychtales Added 07 August 2004 A man travels back home after being away for two years find that his family his ex-girlfriend anyone else at his hometown have changed A Hard Brexit mc mm in ma by Hypnothrill Added 24 June 2017 In a time economic crisis Britain turns to its greatest renewable resource: fucking Englishmen. Steve agrees to let Kiera hypnotize him in order to improve his snowboarding Hypnosis Is a Double-edged Sword mc by Fiery Lion Added 08 April 2017 Aria’s new life in college is suddenly interrupted by kidnappers but a song taught to her by her long-lost mother could help her The Hypnosis Non-Believers Club mc mf md by HypnoKlyph Added 05 July 2003 Sutton Makenna set out to prove that hypnosis doesn’t exist. Gwen helps her College roommate Shannon achieve the happiness she’s alway desired Well maybe not exactly as she’s always desired Happy Husb mc mf md by Hypnun1 Added 07 July 2001 A man uses hypnosis to improve his Happy Little Helper mc mf md rb by URN My Power Added 03 October 1999 Amy lets a friend try out his new invention—The Apprehendor—on her. Zerok tries to discover the reasons behind his pet Jessica’s odd behavior Human Resources (Joe Mama) mc mf ff md fd sf by Joe Mama Added 08 May 2011 Updated 21 May 2011 Modern technology transforms the Human Resources department from a sleepy corporate backwater to the cutting edge Human Resources (MC Ellen) mc ff by MC Ellen Added 30 June 2001 A group fice workers plot revenge against an evil HR director. Joey uses his formula to add new girls to his harem Head f! mc mf hu by Kris P Kreme Added 26 June 2010 A late-night infomercial tells a revolutionary new product guaranteed to turn any woman from sixteen to sixty into a raving slut Simply apply directly to her forehead Headaches mc ff ma gr by Capt Mortimer Added 05 August 2007 Alicia is having headaches so she goes to the doctor with unexpected results. Incapable de continuer l'enquête Vinnie est transféré sur une autre enquête moins difficile Il fait appel à Roger Lococco qui travaillant de concert avec McPike finit par faire tomber Volchek Celui-ci part à la recherche de Terranova tout en étant poursuivi par McPike Terranova poursuivi par des tueurs engagé par son nouveau patron un industriel pharmaceutique revendant ses médicaments périmés trouve refuge dans une église C'est là que McPike le retrouve et est gravement blessé par Volchek en tentant de protéger Vinnie qui abat le criminel. An interactive fiction written by a hful authors A Hypnotic Shoppe Christmas mc ft by Wendy Slippers Added 25 November 2007 Uninvited guests drop in on the shoppe during the holiday season Hypnotic Shorts mc mf md by BraveNewWorld Added 14 March 1999 Updated 01 April 2000 Six hypnotic short stories Harold’S life changes when he downloads special stware from the Internet Harold Lee mc mf md by Cathy345 Added 24 October 2004 Cathy the poor dear meets another interesting man Harpy mc ff by Chew Toy Added 29 September 2012 Sylvia obsessed with being controlled by something outside herself seeks out legendary creatures to make her fantasies. When three fugitives flee into an ancient mysterious forest Rosalyn Emory has no choice but to follow after them But when legends prove more than myth will she ever make it out in one piece? Heart the Plan mc ff cb ma by mesmeri Added 29 September 2012 Updated 04 November 2012 Mesmeri’s plan is set in motion Can Doctor Victoria Bell spot the net closing in around her or will she be caught? Despite her sexual preference their age difference Lucy goes on a date with the visiting Bron at a mutual on-line friend’s suggestion Can Bron give Lucy what she needs while getting what he hopelessly desires? How did they know? mc mm bd by white collar Added 15 December 2012 An fice worker is suddenly kidnapped his captors seem to know exactly what he wants How Did This Happen to Me? mc mm by Petercbb Added 09 June 2012 A man is kidnapped brainwashed by a bodybuilder. A sister agrees to help her brother test his new equipment Helping Out the Neighbors mc mf mm md fd by AgainstMyWill Added 03 October 2010 Tom agrees to help his neighbors get pregnant but maybe they weren’t up front about every last detail Helpless Addiction mc mf md by Evey E Added 30 April 2011 Eve Monica decide to watch some online hypnosis videos. Night is always busy what with taking control the pledges staging the obligatory orgy dealing with the rival fraternity o Dolly mc mf md gr by URN My Power Added 29 December 2001 Jennifer’s lab partner the geeky Melvin gives her a sample his latest concontion transforms her into the submissive slut Dolly o Dolly (apollion888) mc ft by apollion888 Added 21 January 2012 A dolly induction script. An alien slaver shows up at Elaine’s door posing as a salesgirl The Home Theater Store mc mf fd ft by Latexman Added 04 March 2007 Tommy is captivated by a beautiful sales lady in a store where he really had not intended to buy anything but he finds that some the electronic equipment is just impossible to resist Homecoming mc mf md by Anynom Added 18 November 2000 Julie returns to her home town meets an old friend. The wrong context turns Hiroko’s dream into a nightmare His Boss mc mf md gr by Wolflon Added 08 March 2003 Updated 23 August 2003 After working late at the fice Alex finds his boss becomeing far more friendlier His Eyes Her Eyes mc mf md fd by Jukebox Added 04 February 2017 Two hypnotists challenge each other to fall into trance. Behind a small door in Jacob’s house there’s four filing cabinets—one for each member his family High Ceilings mc ff gr by J Swafford Added 08 September 2007 Sally can’t resist the advances the sexy female demons looking at her in the mirror The High Cost Free Play mc fd ma by Saddle Rider Added 16 July 2016 Amber is specially selected to help test a new slot machine If she’d known it was created by a mind-controlling scientist she might have thought twice. A stealthy member a superhero team spies on a teammate Hunting mc mf md by URN My Power Added 11 June 2006 An agent tracks down a rogue telepath Hunting the Erotimancer mc mf ff md fd by Lisa Teez Added 21 May 2011 Updated 28 May 2011 Monique hunts a dangerous mage or is it she who is. Elle a été diffusée du 20 septembre 1989 au. Domina is an artificial intelligence with the power to steal any mind As she absorbs the minds the beautiful young women that helped create her she discovers that she also begins to take on their feelings The Hose Touch mc mf md ft in by jman_bigdaddy Added 28 September 2013 Updated 01 March 2014 After a lab accident a man with a hoisery fetish gets strange new powers. Mcpike donne une nouvelle mission à Vinnie : coincer Roger Lococco tueur à gages Vinnie se retrouve engagé en tant que garde du corps par la fratrie Pritt : Mel et sa sœur Susan tous deux extrêmement intelligents et psychologiquement fragiles Roger devient petit à petit proche de Vinnie qui ne sait plus comment faire avec un Mel de plus en plus instable Il tombe amoureux de Susan que son frère extrêmement jaloux surveille constamment Après qu'un ancien lieutenant de Mahoney lui a tiré dessus Vinnie doit gérer la mort de Mel immolé après son décès par Susan Celle-ci devient folle et est enfermée à l'asile après avoir fait croire à Vinnie qu'elle était enceinte. A demon fers a deal to April that will allow her to get in Faith’s pants Hawaiian Honey mc mm by Richard Pickman Added 08 June 2002 While on vacation in Hawaii a man uses a magic bracelet on a cute native boy Hawaiian Honeymoon mc mf md ma hm by Blue Kahuna Vox Hypnotica Added 19 August 2007 Updated 16 December 2007 Two newlyweds on a romantic getaway meet a stranger with other plans for. A hockey player hypnotizes a hot teammate The Hypnotized Jock mc mm by Westpalm Added 31 October 1998 A football player is given special tapes that he believes will help him with his studies Hypnotized Submissives mf mc bd by Slider Added 01 August 1996 A husb uses hypnosis on his wife to improve their relationship; a friend sees the results agrees his wife needs similar treatment. A mind-controller spots a coworker at a strip club His Girl mc mm by webb025 Added 06 November 2010 Updated 13 November 2010 An adopted son shows his older jock twin brothers a mind-bending new multimedia program that changes their lives His Girlfriend’s Massage mc mf fd by Tamedwolf Added 16 January 2005 Kara develops an enthusiasm for giving massages after Carl drags her to. Heather Hannah are recruited by aliens to produce eggs Heather Hurts Her H mc mf md gr by Downing Street Added 08 February 2004 Heather gets a special prescription when she visits a clinic for a broken h Hath No Wrath mc mf md by Ice Bear Added 07 November 2015 Marcus does not take no for an answer when Cindy rejects his advances. Debbie a teacher is happy to do what her student Johnny tells her Happy Trails mc mf md fu by Lord Griffin Added 12 August 2007 An anthropomorphic horse plots revenge against a human cheerleader Happy Valentine Slave mc mf md by MC Writer Added 14 March 1999 Clarence goes a little overboard when he fills in for Cupid on Valentine’s day. An induction piece using rain imagery Here Cums the Bride mc md by hypnoac Added 14 March 2015 A woman with a hypnosis fetish marries a hypnotist Here Now the News mc ff by Nick Vegas Added 17 February 2002 A TV news reporter’s boss helps her. A collection Short stories about hypnotic going ons in a local hospital Hypno-Miss mc ff fd by RBA Added 13 May 1997 A teacher uses hypnosis on her students Hypno-Poem mc mf md by Mesmerr Added 03 February 2008 Julie does not believe that a person can be hypnotized without their being aware it until a neighbor recites a poem. A family responsible for a sinister plot against a noblewoman her queen faces the consequences their actions House Guest: The Appilication mc mm by Baralai Added 02 January 2011 Neil applies for a role in a gay porn movie even though he is straight House Guest: The Chest mc mm by Baralai Added 22 January 2011 Chance’s guest finds a mysterious chest What’s in. Sean Dunston likes to take pictures—preferably beautiful female models who serve as inspiration for his digital paintings Today the hot young model “Mata Hari” is killing it in his studio doing glamour shots for him to use in creating his next work His Master’s Voice mc mm by Ian Added 29 August 2004 Two men are hypnotized over the phone by their Master.